This is the English version of my blog. No posts here so far, but I will translate some in the future.
If you know Polish, you can check out the original version.

What it’s all about

In today’s world, people are becoming more and more reliant on large corporations.

Instead of keeping software in our hands, we use somebody else’s cloud solutions. Modern devices may stop working if internet connection to the parent company is lost.

Some companies also deliberately make it harder to repair their gear outside of their selected vendors, where they can dictate prices.

Advertisements speak about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the future it will bring. Managers get enthusiatic and embrace these solutions – eager to automate, eager to cut costs. Ignoring their unreliability.

This is how we get people fired, students failing their tests, customers locked out of their accounts – all because of black-box, unrefined algorithms nobody should have adopted.

I don’t believe in grand conspiracy theories. Rather, I think this mess is a result of multiple smaller entities, each pursuing their profit. It’s just in their interest.
In the same vein, it’s in our interest to resist them.

This is the purpose of this blog. I collect examples of monopolistic behavior and abusing technology. And show how we, as customers, can protect our privacy and resist the negative changes.